Velocity Live Radio




Paul Verderosa

The creator of Velocity Live Radio in 2005 and dubbed “Lord Velocity” by The Mack and Nasty Show formally of VRN, Paul Verderosa is the brains and voice behind the show!
“I came up with the concept for Velocity Live simply because I was tired of the same old talk programs, business talk programs, etc that were on 540AM WLIE and the sports shows that came out of CSB(Connecticut School of Broadcasting, Paul graduated from CSB) back in 2005. I envisioned a different show where the entertainment world would be front and center. A show that delved into the hot news topics, reality shows and that had guests that were interesting and from all walks of life, talking about our lives and I think so far we’ve done a great job of providing that since we’re still standing all these years later!”
“I love every part of this show! The people I’ve worked with, the ones like Kerri and Dan who’ve stuck it out from the start, the guests I’ve been able to interview..Mona Loring and MLR who were the ONLY PR firm to believe in us when we made that move to online and satellite. Simply the thought of the support we’ve had from family, friends and fans all these years whether we’ve been on the radio, satellite, online is just mind blowing to me! All the other shows that started when we did are long gone but we’re still here and going strong, doesn’t get much better than that!”

Some of Paul’s favorite moments include interviewing Melissa Joan Hart, Taylor Sprietler, Candace Cameron and all his favorite American Idol’s! Hell all the guests that he’s interviewed have been highlites! The mic stand collapsing and falling on Dan Moore’s Head, The “Dead or Alive” games, and too many more moments to name!


Kerri Dillon


Kerri is one of Velocity Live Radio’s original 4 and she’s also been dubbed “Velocity Live’s Little Princess” since day one!
Kerri and Paul have a long history together dating back to broadcasting school so it was a no brainer for Paul to ask Kerri to be a part of his new show, right? WRONG! As it turns out they didn’t get along very well off mic or camera while in school together even though they’d work great  on projects when paired up as partners. Kerri was even surprised by Paul’s offer when it came in 2005! She jumped at the opportunity and since then the once young lady has blossomed into an amazing woman!
Although leaving breifly in late 2005 to return to college (She returned to Velocity Live in Feb 2006) Kerri has always been a part of the show. Her “News Reports” along with her random humor, crazy adventures and huge heart have all adored her to anyone who listens in on the show!

“There should be a little more Kerri in all of us” Paul has been quoted as saying, “You can’t help but smile when she smiles and with all the good work and charity projects she does, she’s a lot better than I am I can tell you that and that’s why the listeners and I love her to death!”

Some of Kerri’s highlites on the show have included the only perfect score ever on “Dead or Alive” which even Kerri will tell you had to be a fluke ha ha ha, Her off the air brawl with former Co-Host John Mullaney on camera at 540AM where Paul had to diffuse the situation with the bosses, a rendition of an Applebee’s Song and most importantly her charity projects and giving back to the community and those around her!


Dan Moore

Dan holds the distinction of being one of the Velocity Live original 4!

Dan Moore turned out to be the BIGGEST surprise the show ever had! Paul met Dan literally 30 minutes before the first Velocity Live program took the air on 540AM WLIE, June of 2005. Filling in for then WLIE producer Jason, Paul was leery at first having this new kid handling his show! Paul’s attitude quickly changed and from segment 1 of show 1 Dan quickly stamped himself as a permanent member of the crew!
When the show left WLIE and headed to the CSB studios Dan was a casualty of the move but he did make an appearance or two until his ultimate return in October of 2008 where he remained a vital fixture as Producer/Co-Host/Webmaster until his departure in April of 2011!
Dan was a master of all trades in the radio industry and was one of the major influences in the ALL NEW VELOCITY LIVE RADIO, the new velocityliveradio.com web site, VRN and VRN Live!

He was best known for his unexpected, wild, raise hell attitude on the air, The mic stand that collapsed and fell on his head, making us sound amazing and his quick one liner quips and imitations! To this day he’s still missed by all of the show’s crew and listeners! Show host Paul Verderosa has often been quoted as saying “Without Dan there wouldn’t have been a lot of things that we were able to achieve since 2008, he’s an amazing talent, producer and engineer and without him there would have been no us!”

Dan’s shows can be heard by clicking on the Velocity Live Shows link and he’s on shows from Season 1, 2005 and then again on various shows from Velocity Live Battle of The Balls 2008 through the special Dan Moore Farewell Shows in April of 2011


Vinnie Maffea
Despite a few failed efforts to get Vinnie actively involved in Velocity Live from it’s start in 2005 he’s now has cemented himself as a vital role behind the scenes and has worked on a few programs independently on VRN including Velocity Live Undercover and VRN Live!
Vinnie’s smooth style and play by play skills were shown in full force when he made his debut on Velocity Live Battle of The Balls and from that point forward he’s made multiple appearances in the studio on various shows!

One of Vinnie’s classic moments on Velocity Live came during a “Dead or Alive” game in which he completely confused Dan and Kerri by asking if Sally Ride died on The Challenger!


John Mullaney

In the spring of 2005 he was approached by Paul about a project that was in the development stages to air on 540AM WLIE and was asked if he had any interest in joining it! Leery at first John agreed to join the project and in May of 2005 he was named Co-Host of Velocity Live Radio! The show took the airwaves June of 2005 and he remained co-host until his departure in October of 2008.
John also served as webmaster and created the original Velocity Live.com page, was a major part of Velocity Live’s talent search in 2005 and also aided in the creation of the original Velocity Radio Network.
John was best known for his “Ohhhhhhh Boy” phrase on the air, women talk and stories of his adventures on Long Island through the years. There was no subject John wouldn’t tackle and he always had a story or opinion to back it up!


Krystina Salcedo

Krystina Salcedo joined the Velocity Live Radio family in December of 2008 as co-host!
Paul first laid eyes on Krystina while she was performing the role of Reno Sweeney (Originally played by the amazing Ethel Merman, another favorite of Krystina and Paul’s!) in Anything Goes! Seeing Krystina command the role and stage with her voice and personality Paul knew he had to find a way to work with her! He approached her in the fall of 2008 with an offer to be one of the replacements for then departing John Mullaney. She jumped at the opportunity and was thankful to be a part of the show!
Krystina, although a seasoned veteran of stage work admittedly had a few butterflies when she made her debut! The nerves quickly subsided and Krystina has become one of the semi-regulars on the show! Her quick wit, sillyness and fun loving attitude has made her a fan favorite

A few highlites of Krystina on Velocity Live have included a duet with her boyfriend Niels singing “I Will Always Love You” in Feb of 2011, her story of being creeped out by a worker at the CSB studios from Dec of 2009 and granting Paul’s request for her autograph in June of 2011!